Welcoming netAlly

With the presentation at #MFD4, the new brand of netAlly officially launched. While the company name may be new to the industry, the tools and several of the people behind them have been around for a while. For instance, if you remember the Netscout presentation from #MFD3 last year, the name Julio Petrovitch will be familiar and he’s still around handling product management for wireless products in the new company. Along with Julio, (and whom also presented at #MFD4) netAlly marches forward with Mike Parrottino, CEO, James Kahjoska, CTO, and Dan Klimke, Director of Product Management & Marketing. Definitely a great group of folks with a great vision as to what needs to occur for the new company to continue to bring us the innovations of years past.

So what’s changing within the company? There’s a renewed focus on being able to provide a best in class partner & customer experience, along with an innovative roadmap now they they have the autonomy to operate as an independent company.

As we all know, the freedom provided by such opportunities as a spin-off, can sometimes be a very welcome thing and truly allow the new company to provide new products and features that may have been previously limited due to internal circumstances. While I obviously have no insight into what drove Netscout to divest such a great set of tools, I am looking forward to what they are able to do moving forward as netAlly! As you can see below, there has never been a shortage of innovation among the team behind some of the best testing tools in the LAN/WLAN industry.

A History of Innovation

If you were curious as to what tools are moving forward with the new brand, look no further than these graphics here!

So where does netAlly go from here? Well let’s just say the team is working diligently to determine what problems that network engineers face and just how they can continue to improve upon the handheld tools that they have been known for over the years. We got a bit of insight, albeit in a very vague way, during the #MFD4 presentation, but it looks like they’re already way down the road on something *NEW* coming in the Fall of 2019. While I don’t know what it is just yet, I can only imagine that it will be something you will want to get your hands on just like the AirCheck and LinkRunner tools in the past.

Patiently waiting until this fall like the rest of you,


You can check out the new website here: https://www.netally.com & follow them on Twitter.

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