Acronym Soup

Have you ever listened to a presentation and spent so much time looking up definitions you missed the most important parts of the discussion? Check out this short blog post for a glossary of cellular terms that will help as the 5G revolution picks up steam.

Wi-Fi is dead? Continued

Following up part one in the series, this post discusses how a Passpoint network authenticates devices and just how Aruba, an HPE company feels about Wi-Fi remaining the best network access method for all of your devices.

Wi-Fi is dead?

The 5G “experts” want you to believe that Wi-Fi is dead and that cellular technology will reign supreme. I think they are sadly mistaken, as do the folks over at Aruba, an HPE company. Check out this post discussing the fallacy of the 5G over Wi-Fi argument.

A new way to onboard

Have you ever had trouble connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and couldn’t get your work done while on the road? Check out how the team over at Cisco thinks they can solve this problem once and for all.